Social Responsibility in Covid19 Pandemic

    In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the nation at a standstill has resulted in lack of resources throughout the country. The shutdown brings along, hunger for the poor, as well as loss of income for indie artists due to cancellation of live shows. As a small initiative, we organised a virtual fund raiser concert series/ Q & A sessions where we brought all the favorite indie artists right on everyone’s screen and raised funds through a crowdfunding campaign on ‘Ketto’. We joined ours hands with Parivartan The Change NGO, which is working day and night in order to provide food and basic necessities to thousands of underprivileged people across the nation. We initially decided to pay 85% of the total money raised to the artist and 15% to the NGO, but we are glad to announce that more than 50% artist donated their share to the NGO and made this whole imitative a huge success. We would like to state that ‘ Indie Play Karona’ has given us huge emotional satisfaction and has helped us to bring Indian Indie music scene together and stand for a cause
    We now look forward to curate more such initiative in recent future.

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