Channel V Launchpad


    Today we will take a look at one of the most promising platforms which thrived to put Independent Bands at par with the Bollywood Music Industry. This started in the year 2005, when Channel V decided to launch a show purely dedicated to the Independent Music Bands in the country and rightly named it as LAUNCHPAD. Channel [v] Launchpad started a campaign which boosted the morale of the bands in its time and was certainly a thing to do in a band’s bucket list during that period. The first edition of Channel [v] Launchpad saw Them Clones as their winners and Reverse Polarity were the winners of the final edition. The Launchpad Jury had all the big names of the Industry to guide and mentor the bands starting from Bobby Talwar Vishal Dadlani The Raghu Dixit Project Gino Banks Official Nitin Malik Uday Benegal Amit Saigal and many others. A platform like Launchpad is definitely the need of the hour at today’s day and age where the primary focus has been shifted towards singers covering other artists instead of getting a band to play their originals. We can only hope that the big names in the media houses start something of this scale soon enough so that the Indian Audience can get a taste of the Indie Wave at their television Sets.
    Here’s a link to one of the episodes.